Founded in 2002, Lintstock initially focused on organisation-wide governance reviews. In 2005 we established our dedicated Board governance practice and are proud to now act as retained counsel to over 120 leading Boards, both in the UK and internationally.

Guiding principles

Our approach is underpinned by the following principles

Review without Interviews

Lintstock prides itself on developing engaging and business-focused review content. The anonymity of all participants is guaranteed, and respondents are able to raise any issues beyond the scope of the survey in confidence with a Lintstock Partner.

  • Engaging and business focused
  • Insightful reports with peer context
  • Confidentiality guaranteed

Review with Interviews

Lintstock undertakes over 30 interview-driven Board Reviews every year. Engaging and challenging in equal measure, discussions explore key Board performance issues on a collaborative basis, and promote alignment.

  • Two phases of enquiry
  • Engaging discussions
  • Inclusive and promotes alignment

Board Development Programme

Lintstock engages most of its clients on a retained 3-year cycle. By working with our clients over the longer term we are more aligned with the time horizon of Boards, ensuring that each review builds upon, and evolves from, the previous one.

  • Aligned to Board's time horizon
  • Year-on-year progress measured
  • Context evolves with Board

If you would like to have a conversation about how Lintstock can help your Board, please contact:

Neil Alderton, Partner -
Lintstock Ltd, 13 Stoney Street, London SE1 9AD
+44 (0)207 407 2002